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St George Multicultural Elder Abuse Prevention Forum

We all have a role to play in supporting older people from multicultural communities to live free from abuse, neglect and exploitation
The Ageing Well in NSW: Seniors Strategy 2021-2031 outlines a range of strategies that support older people living in NSW, including the importance of better supporting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and the need to improve the awareness of services and supports in response to elder abuse.
To acknowledge the work of the Strategy and Seniors Week, the NSW Ageing and Disability Commission is hosting a learning and development forum for aged and home care workers and related professionals to strengthen responses to, and raise awareness of, the abuse of older people living in culturally diverse communities.
The forum will bring together a panel discussion with people from key services to:

  1. Share what services are identifying in the community in relation to abuse, and the barriers to reporting abuse within culturally diverse communities
  2. Discuss best practices across agencies to improve safeguards for older people from abuse
  3. Offer practical information on how you can provide culturally informed support

The panel will feature speakers from:

  • Legal Aid
  • NSW Police
  • NSW Health
  • Multicultural support services, including Amana Support Services and Advance Diversity Services
  • NSW Ageing and Disability Commission

We encourage those who work in the family, home and community aged care setting to attend and encourage participants to come prepared with questions for the panel members.

This event has a capacity of 80 people and will not be live streamed. 
RSVP to secure your spot by Wednesday 1 February 2023.

Standing Review

Establishing a Standing Review to Monitor, Assess and Report on the implementation of the National Disability Strategy in NSW.

The ADC has a function to monitor, assess and report on the implementation of the National Disability Strategy in NSW as outlined in s12 1 (h) of the Ageing and Disability Commissioner Act 2019.

A position paper (DOCX, 263.0 KB) has been developed that explores the background to the National Disability Strategy and outlines the ADC’s proposal to establish a Standing Review into the implementation of the Strategy in NSW. We are seeking feedback from people with disability, their families, representative organisations, disability advocates and local and state government agencies on the Standing Review proposal as well as the best methods of consulting with the disability sector. We also encourage other members of the community to provide comment on this paper.

How to have your say

There are three ways to have your say

  1. Download a copy of the issues paper, provide your comments in the document (or in a way suitable to you), and send to
  2. Phone (02) 9407 1853 to provide a brief comment over the phone
  3. Download a copy of the position paper, print out and mail your written comments to:
    NSW Ageing and Disability Commission
    PO Box 40
    Parramatta NSW 2124

You can also ask someone you know and trust to help you provide your comments online or by phone.

Have your say by Friday 30 October 2020.

NSW Disability Advocacy Review 2019

The Ageing and Disability Commission has completed a review into disability advocacy services, and funding arrangements, in NSW. A copy of this report is now available.

What was this Review about?

The NSW Ageing and Disability Commission (ADC) conducted a Review to better understand the purpose, functions and future funding needs of disability advocacy across NSW. This was a key provision in the Ageing and Disability Commissioner Act 2019 and was to be completed by 31st December 2019. A copy of this report is now available (PDF, 2.9 MB) along with a summary of the new Disability Advocacy Futures Program (PDF, 258.1 KB).

Additionally, an accessible version (DOCX, 3.7 MB) of the report  along with an easy read guide (PDF, 10.5 MB) explaining the review and recommendations is available.

How many people took part in this Review?

The ADC met with over 70 people from 43 organisations across Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle, Wagga Wagga, Lismore, Wollongong and Dubbo, as well as people who have a lived experience of disability. An issues paper was available for public comment for six weeks. The ADC received 43 written responses to the paper. There was also an opportunity for anyone to phone the ADC and provide a brief comment during the six week consultation period.

What is the key take-out?

A new funding program is proposed in the Commissioner’s report that aims to deliver a more sustainable, equitable and high-quality advocacy service for people with disability in NSW, called the NSW Disability Advocacy Futures Program.

Funded, effective advocacy in NSW should serve to promote, protect and secure the rights of people with disability, enable them to better access services and inform public policy.

The proposed program:

  • Offers a way to deliver more accessible and competent advocacy services for people with disability regardless of location, disability, age or background.
  • Provides new resources to improve  advocacy sector’s skills, capacity and capabilities
  • Enables organizations to function more sustainably through long-term funding arrangements with a clearer focus on systemic and individual advocacy and representative activities.
  • Provides a streamlined process between the disability advocacy sector and the government to inform public policy and  deliver evidence-based solutions for people with disability i

What will happen to funding?

The Commissioner recommends the government provide a budget allocation of $13 million for F/Y 2020/21, and $14 million for F/Y 2021/22. The funding allocation for the first full year of the DAFP program is recommended to be $15 million for F/Y 2022-23 (up from the current year’s $11 million direct allocation).

These allocations are based on a progressive two year implementation of the reforms and should be adjusted if full implementation can be achieved earlier.

What happens now with the Commissioner’s recommendations?

The Review has been handed to the Minister for Families, Communities and Disability Services, the Hon. Gareth Ward, and has been tabled in the NSW Parliament. The NSW Government will now review the recommendations.

More information

If you have any questions please contact

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18 Apr 2023

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We acknowledge Aboriginal people as the First Nations Peoples of NSW and pay our respects to Elders past, present, and future. 

Informed by lessons of the past, the Ageing and Disability Commission is improving how we work with Aboriginal people and communities. We listen and learn from the knowledge, strength and resilience of Stolen Generations Survivors, Aboriginal Elders and Aboriginal communities.

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